Floral Arrangement Demonstraition

On August 15th one of our Market vendors, Flora borealis, showed us how to make floral arrangements almost as beautiful as her own! Through watching her demonstration we learned many new things about proper positioning and flower maintenance that we’ve decided to continue sharing. Below is a list of Flora Borealis’s helpful tips on how to make lovely arrangements for yourself!

Flower Care: 

  • After picking flowers leave them in water for 4 hours to allow them to rehydrate before arranging
  • Arrange flowers in your hand rather than placing them in their container and arranging them there
  • You should be able to drink the water you feed your flowers (although we suggest you don’t!)
  • Ensure that there are no leaves or foliage submerged in water
  • Cut stems on an angle, if the bottoms sit flat in container they are not able to drink as easily
  • Change water every 2-3 days
  • Keep flowers in a cool place (the no longer need the sun once cut)

Types of Flowers to Incorporate Into Your Arrangement:

Focal Flowers: these flowers have large heads. They are best arranged in different heights to create dedpth

  • Sunflowers, zinnias

Spikes: these flowers reach tall

  • Snap dragons, foxglove

Disk Flowers: round

  • Chinese asters

Air Flowers: Spacious

  • Dill, bunny tail grass, pin cushion flowers