Prospective Vendors

2024 Ancaster Farmers’ Market

June 5- October 9, 2024

Wednesdays 3pm – 7pm

CLICK HERE FOR 2024 Vendor Application

If you are interested in joining the Market as a new vendor, please complete an application online.  We continue to review applications throughout the season.

Before you submit your application, please read the Rules and Regulations for the Ancaster Farmers Market.


If you have any questions about the AFM Rules and Regulations or the AFM Vendor Application, please contact us at

We would like to thank all of those who apply for a market stall, and our apologies go out to any vendors we are unable to accommodate.

Applications for the upcoming season will be reviewed and confirmed back as soon as possible. The above links will connect you to the new vendor application and our rules and regulations in pdf format.

Selection of new vendors is an Ancaster Farmers Market Management Team function, and all new vendors are considered and reviewed by the AFMMG.

Selection is based on product need, local criteria and primary and secondary vendor requirements.

Participation in the Ancaster Farmers Market is by invitation of the AFMMG, after receipt of application. The Ancaster Farmers Market considers selection criteria as well as other factors when determining acceptance to participate in the market. The Ancaster Farmers Market is Grower / Producer-based; therefore, applicants selling goods which they have grown or produced themselves will have priority. A producer may sell additional produce grown by a relative, a neighbour farmer or an approved association or farm. Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis.

Absolutely no peddlers will be allowed in the Market.