Sous Vide Cooking Demonstration

The Ancaster Farmers Market is so thankful to have had Tom Peirce, sponsored by Cavallo Nero, share his culinary knowledge in two demonstrations on sous vide last Wednesday. Sous vide is a form of cooking which consists of two main parts; vacuum packing the food, then cooking it while submerged in water at an exact temperature. The result? Delicious, tender, and (almost) foolproof food! Listed below are various foods and their corresponding temperatures so you can give sous vide a try yourself!

Salmon: 122 degrees

Medium Rare Beef: 133 degrees

Chicken: 145-150 degrees

Sausage: 142 degrees

Fingerling Potatoes: 183-190 degrees

Creme Brule: 176 degrees

A sample of Tom Peirce's sous vide chicken.

Captured is a sample of Tom Peirce’s sous vide chicken.